"Make your own distribution" with NanoPC-T6 does not work

Creating a bug report/issue

Required Information

  • DietPi version | latest
  • Distro version | Debian Bullseye
  • Kernel version | latest
  • Architecture | arm64v8
  • SBC model | NanoPC-T6
  • Power supply used | not relevant
  • SD card used | none, internal eMMC 256GB

Additional Information (if applicable)

fresh install of Debian Bullseye to internal eMMC of NanoPC-T6
then run “Make your own distribution” command to convert to DietPi

It then creates this error.
How can this be fixed?

Did you already tried the ready to use R6S image? Image | NanoPC T6 · MichaIng/DietPi · Discussion #6400 · GitHub

The image runs without problem.
But the image limits me. It can only be used on an SD card. I cannot install it on the eMMC.
That’s why I have to make the detour without the image.

you mean system is not booting after flashing image to eMMC?

While running DietPi installation script, you could try to select generic device instead of NanoPi 6 series.

On the NanoPC T6 you cannot flash the Dietpi image directly to eMMC. You can flash it onto an SD card and run Dietpi from there. But then you loose performance. The SD card is significantly slower than the integrated eMMC.

What I do is to use the Debian image from FriendlyElec. It flashes Debian automatically via eflasher from SD to eMMC once the SD is in the slot. After a reboot with ejected SD, Debian is accessable via SSH.
Then I can run the script “Make your own distribution”.

FriendlyElec does not use GRUB or U-Boot. It uses the Bootloader of the Rockchip, which is not recognized by the Dietpi install script.

When I pick “Generic Device” it throws out a warning, but lets me proceed.

If I pick “NanoPi 6 Series” it throws out the error shown in the post above and aborts the installation.

Why not booting DietPi from SD card. Once up and running, flash the running system to eMMC or even a new img file? This could be done using dd command Moving a running DietPi system to a USB stick/disk or an onboard eMMC – DietPi Blog

This was the golden answer.
I was not aware of the blog post.

Thanks alot!