Mainline Linux/Debian for NanoPi R5S/C

Will the Dietpi images for the R5C moving forward include the Kernel in this image (6.1.0-10-arm64) or will it continue to be the existing 5.10.160 ?

@innovodev The issue is that mainline doesn’t have all the features that the SoC supports. At least in mainline 6.1. DietPi currently just replaces the rootfs from the vendor image so they could upgrade to the new vendor kernel which is also based on 6.1 but the main goal I’ve read here multiple times is that it should be based on an Armbian image which currently is very much in development (there’s been commits this week) but is close to being done.

Until then there’s this amazing project called “debian-image-builder” from pyavitz on GitHub that would allow you to compile/build your own minimal image (very easily) on which you could run the DietPi script on.

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Thank you for the explanation. I am not a kernel build guy, otherwise I would have jumped right in. Hopefully the Armbian branch will be finished soon and merged into the DietPi Image (I do love DietPi ecosystem, they have spoiled us with great software:).

Armbian released a version for R5S with kernel 6.5, but it is still staging:

This version works also on my R5C, with small defects like network leds not working.
This version creates a single partition, instead of the 8 partitions system of Friendly Elec

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I assume there won’t be an easy way to update from vendor to Armbian base in a running DietPi instance while keeping the rootfs?

Since Rockchip uses a proprietary partition scheme in their kernel/uboot or would it work since updating would override anything vendor related?

@MichaIng what do you think?

On this version, I find the classical problem : a module I want to build does not build. Reason ?
apt says :
Coundn’t find any package by glob ‘linux-headers-6.5.3-edge-odroid’
And make creates an error because “build” directory is not found.

If I remember correctly they based a lot around the odroid and I’d assume somewhere they haven’t renamed it to the R5S / published the packages. Maybe open an issue in their GitHub/forum