LXDE Fonts


Setup LXDE and a VNC and I can connect through ok but all the fonts are squares - anyone know how to change this? maybe a config file somewhere for the system font or something?

failing that anyone that knows this interface on where to click to change the fonts?


attached a pic to show it.


many thanks for your message. That looks strange indeed. May I ask what VNC Viewer you are using? What language you have set on your system?

tiger vnc - just a default install of dietpi.

ive tried a few different GUi now and they also the same - is there something im missing in the dietpi files to confirm im english language?

usually there is just one point where you need to set your language dietpi-config > Language/Regional Options

What device you are running?

language is set to US.

Just using a normal PC as a pi.

Its strange - most GUI option desktops seem to use a square font but terminal outside GUI is totally fine.

Going to install them all and test.

Are you able to connect a screen if it is a normal PC? Maybe you can start the desktop without using VNC. Just to see how it is behaving.

thanks for your help but I ended up doing it the ultimate way and it worked!

backup up all my pi settings, wiped it all then reinstalled and restored settings and now its working :smiley:

so must have been a system thing somewhere that got wiped out with the backup and restore onto a fresh isntall.

ok good it’s working now. probably some corrupted font files.