Kodi and VNC

Raspi b+ with fresh DietPi.

I log on with VNC and get a nice desktop. Double click on Kodi and it starts up on the HDMI screen. There must be a simple solution but I don’t have it.



yes, i wonder too, how to get kodi screen seen via VNC.


please heeeeeeeeeelp…

I don’t believe its possible over a TightVNC/VNC4 VNC instance, as it lacks GPU acceleration.

It may work with RealVNC, which supports a shared desktop/screen capture:

Although, thats for RPi only (due to limitations by RealVNC)

With RealVNC we can see remotely our desktop on Rpi, but after we start Kodi, we cannot see Kodi via RealVNC but only on Rpi direct via HDMi output.

Is there a way to configure RealVNC to see what’s on HDMI output?

Not that i’am aware of.

i think because of kodi app is not an X-Windows application so we cannot see its interface via VNC. The normal VNC servers only share the X-Windows screen. Kodi has to use a separate GPU framebuffer for its screen. Someone made a special VNC server that can share the dispmanx frmaebuffer that kodi uses on https://github.com/hanzelpeter/dispmanx_vnc

I think you should look at this topic to know more about it- https://dietpi.com/forum/t/resolved-removing-diversion-of-boot-overlays-readme-err/74/1

Helpful thread,
I haven’t heard VNC before but if ve compare SPMC and Kodi than none is better kodi.

streaming, network cannot keep up with the output of the video stream…thus it shows black

I don’t think you can attach view like kodi like that

Looked up the symptoms in google
Saw this on a RPi forum

VNC can only see the X/console framebuffer - not the video and openGL layers used by Kodi.
You need the > dispmanx vnc server> .

You can use it for basic admin tasks, but VNC is too slow/laggy for watching video.

Might even be able to use VLC to view the stream from Kodi on your native machine

To capture and record a video of your desktop to a file, click the Media menu in VLC and select Convert / Save. Click the Capture Device tab and select Desktop from the Capture mode box. The default frame rate is one frame per second, which won’t appear very smooth. You’ll probably want to increase the frame rate.

https://www.howtogeek.com/120202/how-to-record-your-desktop-to-a-file-or-stream-it-over-the-internet-with-vlc/ <-this looks like it might work…but CPU usage on the SBC might be high

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