Issues with NordVPN & Transmission

First let me say I’m prety sure this won’t be a DietPi issue but I’ve only had it happen since I updated to version 9.

I have Nord VPN configured via dietpi-vpn, I’ve had a subscription for 2 or 3 years now and never had any issues, but now I’m getting really slow torrent speeds. Looking at Transmission I can see a message saying port 51413 is closed, this only happens when I connect to the VPN and this puts me in passive mode.

If I disconnect from the VPN all my torrents start and go at a fast speed, when I’m connected to the VPN 95% of them don’t do anything and the one’s that do download are going at a very slow speed <1mb

I’ve tried connecting to different servers but I still get the same issue.

I’ve done speed tests when connected to the VPN and I’m getting a great upload and download speed so it’s not a speed issue it’s just related to the port.

I can’t seem to find any info on this, I’m wondering if anyone else is using Transmission with a VPN and noticed the same issue?

Thank yo for any help!

I just did a quick web search and found several topics and posts from different years which state, that Nord VPN does not do port forwarding.
Also other users reported bad transmission speeds with NordVPN.

Is it possible, that before the last update your torrent connections were not using the tunnel at all?

I’m sure it was using the VPN before, I’ve done a test they suggest a few times over the years where you download a torrent file and on a website it shows you a bunch of details about your connection so you can be sure it’s using the VPN and not showing my IP address.