Increase swap?

Heyo my C2 isn’t having any problems so far but it does say it’s using all the swap allocated. Should I increase the swap? It doesn’t seem to be using all of the ram…at the moment it’s using 212mb of 1.69gb of ram.

Could you share following pls

free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           1727         478          18           3        1230        1222
Swap:           320          55         265

You are using less than half of the available memory. Swap should not even be used at that point, although a small part of it is. Take in consideration that swap is much slower than ram, so if it really starts running on swap it will become sluggish.
Personally I turn off swap in my small boards to avoid any read/writes on the sd card.

well there are 18MB memory free only as quite a lot is used on file system cache. Therefore SWAP is going to be used. You could increase SWAP to ensure having enough memory available.

how do I increase swap? I dont mind if my sdcard dies after a few months or so as its just a 8gb

how much space you have free on your SD card? Just to not grab all your disk space :sunglasses:

df -h

looks like ive used 887mb out of 7gb so i have somewhere just above 6gb free

lets go with 1GB SWAP

/boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_swapfile 1024

do I need to disable swap before changing the size? how do i do that?

simply execute the command I posted above and magic happen :wink:

looks like it’s increased to 1gb. Thank you

heyo comin back to this topic of mine. probably no real issue. I was wondering if the large amount of files i have sitting on my hdd is making dietpi use up a lot of ram as buff/cache?

It depends on how often files are used/accessed and which application is using them. Just because they are stored on a HDD, doesn’t mean they are moved into memory.

hmm im using it for smb and pihole. also my samba share responds very quickly. how would i be able to tell if it is putting the hdd to sleep when not in use?

how do i tell how much memory is being taken by the gpu?

honestly I don’t have a C2 as all my devices are RPi. On RPi it’s configured inside config.txt

cat /boot/config.txt | grep gpu_mem

Says no such file or directory. Hmm looks like odroid has a dynamic gpu memory system. Doesn’t use manual allocation apparently…it uses whatever memory is not used.

The Odroid C2 has a fixed amount of system memory reserved for the GPU. Check:

free -m

The difference of total memory to ~2000 MiB is what the GPU/VPU uses. You can disable it via dietpi-config > Display Options > GPU/RAM Memory Split, which will disable all video output but restores ~300 MiB RAM for the system.

It can be also changed manually via nographics setting in /boot/boot.ini.

thank you the small amount of extra memory may help use swap a little less. :slight_smile: