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HI Micha and team,

since no-IP is not really a free DynDNS solution (login mandatory every 30 days), there is
have you thought of implementing a stable dynDNS for dietpi,yet?

best wishes!


I moved you topic into Request section.

For records:
Setup guide -

thanks. would be gread if dietpi would have support for a free DynDNS from the get go.

as workaround, you could set it up manually as long as it is not implemented by default. Installation steps are not that complicated and could be done easily :slight_smile:

yes, will try. thanks for your support.
just wondering why no-IP is still a valid dyndns in dietpi since it does require mandatory login every xx days and is not convenient to use.
Am I only a minority using dynDNS on pi at all?

Well, you are free to use whatever DDNS service you like. Nobody is forcing you to use NoIP. It’s just an offer. According DietPi statistics, NoIP was installed nearly 800 times. Which means round 4% of installations. So would not call it a minority.

I installed it 5 times until I realised it is broken after 30 days. what did winston churchill say about statistics? :wink:

I agree there should be other options, DuckDNS is much requested and we had a more concrete discussion already, can’t find it now, since many implementations are actually quite easy: A cron job which sends a simple curl request regularly, that’s it. It’s more the UI around it that requires some more coding. But I’ll likely not find time to implement for the next release. There is one larger task that I postponed already for several versions and want to finish :wink:.

No-IP was, I guess, implemented after “dyndns” stopped its free service and before many new free dynamic DNS providers popped up. AFAIK there was only No-IP as (globally known) free provider for a while.

yes, you are right. and noIP was a legit option back then. I guess it did not even have the 30-day-mandatory login option then.

Hi Micha,

is there a valid DDNS option for dietpi available? dynu seems legit for me. would you mind implementing it an tossing no-IP instead?

best wishes!

I use…works great

Found this for a windows solution (I guess running on a machine behind the firewall

there is ddclient with the “other” option as well

As Joulinar said, ddclient is the fastest/easiest way to get it going

dynu windows client works fine, but ddclient on pi only reports the local IP (192.168.2.x)

why is that?

because the tool is not detecting external IP correctly? Something to ask developer of this tool

Not sure if I find time for next release, but I want a dietpi-ddns that allows to setup multiple DDNS providers which allow to update via simple curl call via cron job with customisable interval. Everything that requires more, e.g. an own client like No-IP, is not suitable IMO. Looking at the No-IP client, it has not been updated for years, it’s CLI is not very intuitive etc, it’s simply unnecessary :smiley:.
Aside of known and often requested providers like DuckDNS, a custom entry can be used to setup the cron job with any other provider.

that is a great idea!!! looking forward to it!

just asking if you plan dietpi-ddns for the next release. would be great to have a stable ddns implemented natively.

Yes, it’s on the list for DietPi v7.1, to cover the highest voted DuckDNS on FeatHub as well.

Great. Then 7.1 will be my first dedicated PC install instead of Raspberry Pi.

I can’t wait! :wink:

It looks like No-IP can also be updated from URL, see