Imagem DietPi for Raspberry Pi - 2011

I have a raspberry pi P1 - 2011 is there an image for this SBC?
Rasp 2011

Did you check our download page? DietPi - Lightweight justice for your SBC!
There are images for all RPi modesl

I try "Raspberry Pi 1/Zero (1) " - is not working

best would be to connect a screen if possible. Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to support. On my home lab, a RPi1 is working without issues.

It does not boot, I have the screen connected.

The screen goes completely black.

And the SBC board works perfectly with an image of the RaspBerry Pi OS itself.

Only with DietPi it doesn’t work, but I would like it to work because I’m in love with DietPi

did you update the RPI image to the latest version?

apt update && apt upgrade

even if the screen stays blank, did you checked on your router if an IP address has been assigned?

The raspberry does not boot. I perceive it by the led’s

Which of these should I use?

The first one. That’s the one for RPi1. Pls can you answer my question if you update RPi OS to the latest version using apt update && apt upgrade

I don’t have access to the operating system to update the package.

I can not do that.

I mean the RPi OS image you tested and that seems to have been working fine.

With Raspberry pi Os ia working fine

But was dietpi OS is not work

With DietPi OS is not working …

I still have 3 of those old boards and would like to use them in some projects.

And DietPi is really good!!!

If you have booted plain RPi OS, can you try to follow steps described on this article Supported hardware - Docs

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I try this follow this link

How did you flash your SD card (which tool)?
Of course, I assume that you extracted the .img file from the downloaded DietPi .7z file.

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I used the “Raspberry Pi Imager” to record this image.

Yes, I extracted the image from the compressed file.

Would using another recording program make a difference? Do you think this could be the problem?

Try using Rufus to write the image.

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