How do i send commands to programs (like papermc)? Is it possible to add plugins or modify them?

Today, I installed papermc on my raspberry pi (dietpi os) and wanted to see how i could run commands on it and possibly add some plugins to the minecraft server. How do I do this?

First you need to grant the desired user OP permissions. In the mc server root directory is a file ops.json, there you can add users, which should become op.
Then your can just login and type commands into the game chat.
You can also access the console via RCON. You can find some hints about this in the docs:

For plugin installation, you basically just download the plugin and extract it to the plugins folder and restart the server.
Depending on the plugin, you need to edit some config files etc. Usually there are detailed installation instructions on the download pages, like on
See also:

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This worked. Thanks for the help!