Home Assistant Garmin Integration missing tzlocal

When configuring the Garmin integration I get the following message:

Logger: homeassistant.setup
Source: setup.py:347
First occurred: 20:32:43 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 20:32:43

Unable to prepare setup for platform garmin_connect.sensor: Platform not found (No module named ‘tzlocal’).

Any suggestions on how to install this library please?


I guess you would need to install the related Python package tzlocal.

Yes thank you but not clear how you do that in home assistant running in pynenv. Which I think is not the same as the python installed as python in DietPi, unless I am missing something!

Have a look to our online docs. Home Automation Software Options - DietPi.com Docs
There we described how to activate the pyenv to be able to install additional packages.

Thank you Joulinar, I will have another look I must have missed the relevant bits on pyenv.

Thank you Joulinar I had completely missed the bit on the DietPi site on python configuration, sorted now,

However, still stumped by how to get to the ha command line but will keep reading.

as documented on our online docs. Login to command line and do.

sudo -u homeassistant bash
. /home/homeassistant/pyenv-activate.sh
pip3 install <module> # Or whichever install/update you need to do

Thank you Joulinar, I had sorted that I was also trying to run has but I have now managed that as well.

Your help is much appreciated thank you for your patience leading me through this, I have now achieved all I needed to do.

You may also want to report this to the Garmin integration developers. Home Assistant can automatically install additional Python modules when installing an integration, so it should be possible to have this done for tzlocal on Garmin install as well.

Done, thank you for the suggestion.