Help Portainer webserver

Hi all

I haven’t played around with Dietpi for years and decided to give v8.0 a go.
I did a clean install with only Language, Locale, keyboard, ssh, and
static ip set in dietpi.txt. Install reboot everything aok.

Now the problems start. I installed Docker, Docker-Compose, to be on the
safe side i imaged the sdcard. Rebooted and installed Portainer and checked
to make sure it was running, no problem. Tried and could not connect to Portainer.
I thought hmm, no webserver, installed NGINX still no connect. No help on the Software
Page on the website.

Do I need Apache with LAMP? Do I need to start to start over and install in a different order?
Any help most appreciated.

make sure you are using the correct port…it’s not stock 9000 on DietPi

Portainer do not require any native web server outside Docker. This all is provided by the container itself. Just have a look to our online docs.

Generally, dietpi-software installs a webserver automatically whenever it is required :wink:. As stated, try to connect via http://:9002.