export dietpi-backup

hi at all,

how to get the backup file to USB? is there a GUI or a file explorer where I can navigate to the folder and copy the file to an attached usb device?

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dietpi-backup is not creating a single file. It will backup the entire system as is, with all files and folders. Easiest would be to select your USB device as backup target. This way the backup folder will be written to the USB device directly. That’s how I do backups of my demo systems.

thanks for letting me know.
does it have to be fat32 or ext4.

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It needs to be ext4.

thanks for helping me out. I just formatted a fresh usb device (8gb) with mini partition wizard under win 10 and plugged it in. I made it available in my VM (passthrough), but it does not show here:

what can I do now?

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no location.png


you would need to ensure to have your USB disk correctly mapped to the VM and it needs to be visible be running following command

lsblk -o name,fstype,label,size,ro,type,mountpoint,partuuid,uuid

If it is not visible, you are not able to mount it. in This case, check the VM settings and/or kernel messages

dmesg -l err,crit,alert,emerg

it is correctly mapped (7.4G)

but how do I use is in dietpi-backup when it does not show up?
it is mapped.png

the drive need to be mounted using Drive Manager first

that did the trick. I thought it would do this automatically, since it was plugged in at start and is USB (plug and play).
I have a backup on that device now. so I can use this to backup my machine once in a while (and restore from the backup device if needed).
it is a 1:1 backup with all the settings in pihole/wireguard etc., right?

yes it is a full 1:1 copy

Yes it is a USB plug and play. However you need to tell the system where to mount to :wink:

great. what would you recommend. cloning the VM to another PC or restoring dietpi from a backup?`

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Cloning a VM depends on your VM software. usually there are containers that couple be simply copied from A to B

will do. thanks!