Effect on new packages of ro /rw toggle. USB3/HDD v SD card

Hi All,

Newbie here so forgive me for my ignorance.
I have been googling to find that the read only filesystem toggle has been discussed since late 2016.

  1. What is the current status? Can we toggle via the DietPi config menu?

  2. Any helpful links for details on read only vs read write filesystem (s) “features” and impact ?
    I am assuming that read write is the default, as for other Debian distros ?

Is read only really advantageous for USB3 sticks and for internal HDD/ eMMC install, or just for SD cards I/o minimization?

  1. What is the impact on installing new packages, e.g. Ansible-pull GitHub to communicate with a Cloud Ansible Server automating via SSH commands ?

Or say, bringing a pop up window upon first boot
for user the input info items to be sent to an external server?

How about external database servers etc?

  1. Does DietPi have tools like mxlinux luckybackup + USB Maker ?

Thanks for any answers in advance :smiley:

  1. You can toggle the ro mode with dietpi-drive_manager.
    The main target is to prevent quick wear-out of storage devices like SD cards / eMMC. I don’t know if you get any performance advantages.

  2. if you set to read-only, you can not install any packages, because you can not write to your device anymore :wink:

What do you mean with that? What info will you send to an external server?

  1. For an overview of tools look here: https://dietpi.com/docs/dietpi_tools/

I would not recommend enabling R/O on the RootFS. This will only lead to problems as some applications will not start or function correctly. If R/O is really needed on the RootFS, one would have to consider other possibilities. For example, mounting an overlay file system over the root file system. This works quite well for RPI but I have never tried it with other SBCs.

@Jappe and @Joulinar

Ok I appreciate quick answers.
Soon short rw default is ok. Don’t see a need for ro filesystem with USB3 or hdd installs, using KISS principle!

Re:#4: USB Maker, I guess the answer is Rufus, as usual …

Personally I prefer Rufus :slight_smile: