domoticz not showing any logs

I want to move my domoticz installation over on my nas and i’m trying to setup a few things before moving everything.

But under setup-logs, i just get a blank page.

Everything under settings is the same on the 2 installation. The only different is the dietpi and raspbian.

It seems to be working. I have setup a temp and pihole plugin and they seem to be fine, but i just missing the logs.

Have i missed something?


on DietPi, logs are available vie journalctl -u domoticz acording online docs

I dont think it shows everything. But its also much more complicated to use putty, login and write that instead of just using the logs in the app

I just wanted to see everything in logs like this picture. But at this time, its not going to be moved to dietpi. I just had to make a reinstall of everything. So it’s best to let domoticz run on its own system for now