Disk Usage Analyser

I have limited / disk space, and due to excessively big log files from certain apps, I sometimes run out of diskspace. To solve this, I’ve redirected the log folders to a network NAS device, which works great. However when any upgrades occur to the OS or apps, they default back to the /* drive and cause out of space issues (even with ln, etc.)

Using du isn’t exactly easy, when one has extremely large network drvices at /mnt and various ln’s in the OS (even when using --exclude=).

I was looking around for a GUI Disk analyser solution and found baobab, install it and it works great as a GUI.

I was wondering if there are any other dietpi solutions around, other than du, to quickly and easily analyse disk space/usage per folder?


Do you have a GUI or just CLI?

I did a quick duckduckgo and found this for CLI

Came from this

DietPi is not offering such graphical tool. But you could use a simple CLI command to get the 20 largest files.

du -a / --exclude /mnt/<whatever> | sort -n -r | head -n 20

I recommend to exclude external disk or network shares to get local files only

Use ncdu

To install login to DietPi
run this command
sudo apt install ncdu