Difference between Dietpi-Vpn and NordVPN official script?

Which is the difference between Dietpi-Vpn and NordVPN official script to connect my DietPi server to NordVPN?

NordVPN official: Installing NordVPN on Linux distributions | NordVPN support

My DietPi server is already a vpn server with Wireguard (installed through PiVPN) where my cllents connect to.

My goal is to create a mixed “double vpn” :

client —> Tunnel wg0 —> My DietPi server —> Tunnel Wireguard/OpenVPN —> NordVPN server ----> Internet


Basically we use similar method to connect to PiVPN using OpenVPN protocol.

But it might be a challenge to have clients connected because as soon as PiVPN is active, whole traffic will be moved to that VPN interface. Means, you would need to exclude Wireguard local service from that tunnel. Otherwise Wireguard will not be reachable. Some manual work would be needed. Our tooling is not supporting such setup ootb as of now.

Any link to suggest? Thanks.

I’n not a network export. Maybe @trendy could give a comment.

We have discussed it here in the past.

Let us know if you need some additional help.