Dietpi v9.0.2, Pi5 with NVMe SSD

In the meantime I also own a Pi5 8GB and have installed PiOS 64 bit on the SD. In preparation for operation with an NVMe SSD, I have already made the necessary entries. Today I receive the HAT from Pimoroni and am considering whether to continue with PiOS for testing or switch to the OS of my choice (DietPi) right away.

Hence my enquiry:
Can I do exactly the same with an SSD, i.e. SSD e.g. via USB to the Pi4, install DietPi, run described script and then use it in the Pi5?
Or should I wait until there is a new image that includes the Pi5?

if your Pi 5 is running from SD, why not moving the whole installation to SSD using dd command?

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I have never used dd before. :frowning:
At the moment the Pi5 is still running with an SD.
Tonight the HAT will be mounted with the SSD and then I could use dd(for connoisseurs) or PiClone(for DAU) to make a copy on the SSD, ok. Then I still have PiOS on it.
But now I would like to use the “BEST” OS :wink: for the Pi, so DietPi.
Then I will probably insert an SD into a Pi4, install DietPi, run the script, insert the SD into the Pi5, boot DietPi and finally use dd or PiClone :wink: make a copy to the SSD in the Pi5?

Therefore we created a DietPi blog post describing the migration from SD to USB/SSD Moving a running DietPi system to a USB stick/disk or an onboard eMMC – DietPi Blog

ensure the RRPi 5 is able to boot from SSD. Maybe similar options to be set as it was on RPi4 Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi hardware

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Thank you for the important information.
Most of my Pi run on SSD without any problems, I will give the Pi5 a try today.


  • Pimoroni - Adapter with NVMe SSD installed
  • dd command executed
  • reboot
  • SD removed
  • boot
    Nice, it works!

Now I will try it with DietPi via the way with the Pi4.

Everything works fine, Pi5 with DietPi on an NVMe SSD.
I still have one question:
Does the Pi control the 4-pin fan control on its own, or can you also change the temperatures?

With latest RPi 5 kernel, it can be controlled. However settings would need to be done manually.

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Another question about “RPi kernel choice”:
I have a small comprehension problem. If I only want to work with the Pi5, “YES” or “No” in the selection?

Should be NO to remove all other kernel versions

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Then I’ve done everything right.
Thanks for the help!

By the way, dd works wonderfully.
…and I have probably already used it unknowingly, with backup under DietPi. :wink: