DietPi v6.5

DietPi v6.5

28 March 2018
Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

General | Minor code performance enhancements:

General | Our scripts preserve now the terminal scrollback buffer, when cleaning current terminal view:

**General |**G_WHIP_*: Rolled out to all DietPi scripts.

General | Sparky SBC: Kernel update:

DietPi-Environment | Move sudoers adjustments to “/etc/sudoers.d/dietpi”:

DietPi-Environment | Move sysctl adjustments to “/etc/sysctl.d/dietpi.conf” to assure higher priority than “/etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf”:

DietPi-Config | Enabled possibility to adjust display resolution for VMs, but max guest display resolution might need to be adjusted within VM
software as well:

DietPi-Config | Advanced options: You can now define the swapfile location:

DietPi-Config | Soundcards (RPi): Added option for ApplePi DAC:

DietPi-Process_Tool | Added ability to add custom process entries to “/DietPi/dietpi/.dietpi-process_tool_include”. Add one process each line
with the format :. Check via htop, e.g. “DHCP client:dhclient”

DietPi-Software | NoMachine: Installation updated to 6.0.78 (new installations only):

DietPi-Software | Squeezebox server: Updated to systemd native service:

DietPi-Software | AmiBerry: Updated to 2.18. Improved audio latency, Unique new feature: WHDLoad booter! (check the wiki for details),
bug fixes:

DietPi-Software | RPi: For all software titles which require unrar, unrar-nonfree is now installed via Debian package (previously unrar-free):

DietPi-Software | MPD: Resolved an issue where “libwrap0” ( was missing to start MPD service:

DietPi-Software | MPD: Updated to 0.20.18. Compiled with UPnP support enabled:
Bug Fixes:

General | dphys-swapfile: Has been removed and replace with our own swapfile generation system.
Uses fallocate to quickly create the swapfile of any size (1-2 seconds):

General | RPi: Resolved issue with gettext error during login due to /etc/profile.d/

General | RPi: Resolved missing Allo Piano DAC firmware.

General | RPi 3B+: Resolved inability to scan/connect with WiFi:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Resolved an issue where x-systemd.automount would fail if autofs4 was disabled in kernel/modules (eg: Rock64).
x-systemd.automount is now disabled for systems which fail autofs4 detection:

DietPi-Config | Removed ‘firmware-ralink’ pre-req from WiFi enable. This is a virtual package for ‘firmware-misc-nonfree’:

DietPi-Config | RPi: Resolved missing Allo Piano DAC 2.1 entry.

DietPi-Software | PineA64: Resolved issue with failure to run fbturbo driver on Debian Stretch:

DietPi-Software | LMS/Squeezebox: Resolved an issue where installation could fail to complete, due to service failing to stop gracefully.
Resolved CPAN issues running under ARMv8 and Stretch:
DietPi-Software | ShairportSync (Jessie): Resolved failed service start due to lack of libssl1.1:

DietPi-Software | MATE + VNC4: Resolved grey screen:

DietPi-Software | Mopidy: Resolved no sound due to missing gstreamer1.0-alsa package:
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