DietPi v6.15


Many thanks to PINE64, for becoming our 1st Patreon Legend and supporting our project! As one of their rewards, you will see PINE64 displayed on login via the DietPi-Banner.

Known issues / In progress:

DietPi-Software | Open Bazaar: Installation updated to server version 2, which now runs via go language. At the current state, client OB connections are failing, still under investigation:

Changes / Improvements / Optimizations:

General | Changed Survey and Bugreport uploads to use (previously IP):

General | 1st run setup and dietpi-update logs are now created in RAM, then copied to disk once completed ‘/var/tmp/dietpi/logs/dietpi-firstrun-setup.log’. This will speed up 1st run setup installation for slow SBCs and/or rootFS.

General | PineA64: Image updated to v6.14, also contains the latest kernel/uboot by Ayufan (0.6.2):

General | Resolved an isssue where the initial 1st run connection test would fail, if timesync had not yet completed, and, the SSL cert of the connection test site is not valid for current date on system:

General | SparkySBC: Support for native DSD playback on iFi Pro iDSD. Many thanks @sudeep:

DietPi-Backup/Sync | rsync transfer: Now shows progress information during the transfer:

DietPi-Backup | Added an option to delete the currently selected backup, if it exists.

DietPi-Config | Advanced Options: You can now toggle if a real RTC is installed. This adds/removes ‘fake-hwclock’ package installation as requested:

DietPi-Config | Added support for setting CPU min/max frequencies on Intel based CPUs. NB: ‘cpu’ command will always list the min/max frequencies read from kernel values, Intel CPUs do not update these values, however, you can gauge CPU frequency range by running ‘cpu’ to monitor the current CPU freq (use of stress test in ‘dietpi-config’ may also help).

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Added support to set a global idle duration, before drives are powered down. This feature uses hdparm. Not all drives will support this feature, however, its the best we can do, considering the lack of any standardised system across all drives, compatible with hdparm and visa versa:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | When mounting drives to existing directories, if the directory is empty, you will given an option to mount regardless. If the directory contains any files or data, mounting will be denied:

DietPi-Software | MPD: Updated to 0.20.21 and now includes SQL (sticker) support by default:

DietPi-Software | myMPD: Now available for installation. A recent fork of YMPD with additional features:

DietPi-Software | Emby: Reworked the installation to use standalone .debs, for fresh installations only. Now supports ARMv8 devices. ARMv6 devices are not supported:

Bug Fixes:

General | fake-hwclock: is now installed for all systems, due to ‘hwclock’ detection reporting incorrect results, for those devices without a RTC attached:

General | Resolved an issue where enabling the RPi camera (dietpi-config or installed via dietpi-software), would result in concurrent execution error:

General | Resolved an issue with RK based network devices, where enabling offloading would cause stability issues. Many thanks to @carlosedp for this fix!:

General | Resolved an issue where automatic swapfile generation, would not run a freespace check prior:

DietPi-Automation | Resolved an issue where ‘AUTO_SETUP_INSTALL_SOFTWARE_ID’ would include numbers contained within comments:

DietPi-Cloudshell | Resolved incorrect RAM usage readout, and, inability to run from menu on same screen:

DietPi-Config | Resolved an issue with PineA64 resolution changes, due to updated uEnv.txt on the latest PineA64 image. NB: for this feature to work, you must have an installation of the latest PineA64 v6.14 image from the DietPi site:

DietPi-Drive_Manager | Correctly handles bind mounts, contained within ‘/etc/fstab’:

DietPi-Process_Tool | Resolved an issue with PIDs no longer existing, causing an apply to fail:

DietPi-Software | PlexPy/Tautulli: Resolved an issue with recent pre-req changes for this application, required for start functionality:

DietPi-Update | Resolved an issue where all required EMR patches, would not be applied, in the 1st pass of the patch_file.