Dietpi on Desktop!

Hello guys!Once I have installed Dietpi on my PI4 have decided to install it on very old laptop(damaged HDD). Both a SSD(cheap one) . Read the help file, but can you advice me - am I wrong?
1 Need to download for Native PC(BIOS ver)
2 Using RUFUS to make a bootable USB(writing .img )
3 Booting my old laptop and installing image on brand new SSD
My only concern is - the new SSD is internal(sata 3) and will not be formatted(I haven’t any enclosure right now) - is the new drive will be visible? Don’t think that installation itself will be headache. Thanks!

It’s like you said (see also
Flash the BIOS image onto your USB flash drive, connect the drive to the laptop and boot from the flash drive.
Then you just have to follow the instructions to install it onto the laptops internal drive. The internal drive will be formatted anyway, so you don’t have to concern about this.

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Thanks a lot for your time:) Will try it tomorrow!

Ensure you are using the installer version of the native PC image. This way you are able to boot from a USB stick and flash the DietPi image directly on your internal SSD.

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Yes, off course-already checked . Thanks for your clarification!

Depending on your PC (UEFI or not), maybe you need to use the correct installer.

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