DietPi for T95x or and or S905/S905X Android boards

Love the DietPi on my rasberry Pi’s … Your project rocks! I had planned on using it on an Odroid C2. I picked up a Odroid C2, but fried it by mis-reading a dual type power source .

Replacements are on hold until the end of the month. But I have noticed that there are MANY Amlogic S905 or Amlogic S905X Android boards on the market for MUCH cheaper than the Odroid C2. (1 gig ram/ 8gig HD for 28-39USD and 2gig/16gig HD for 38-49USD)
All of them come pre-loaded with Android OS. Anyone know of a way to wipe or dual boot DietPi on them? I’d love to see what it can do on my Tx95 box right out the gate.

Anyone else run this? and or would want to?
I did come across this post

Thanks in advance


I Recently bricked my T95X and now I’m researching on how to re-flash the ROM, but before I do, I want’ed to know if anyone has tried putting DeitPi on one yet.

Thanks in advance.

Guess I’m the only one who did this - oh well. :rofl:

HI, I have also a NanoPik2 and I´m really interested in this. Hope will be a version for s905. :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to try and flash my drive with it,

Rick - did this ever work for you? I’m looking to do the same.