S905x based Khadas Vim sbc, will it get support?

I registered just to ask about S905x based Khadas Vim sbc, will it get support?

It already comes with basic Android and they are working on Linux. However since you already have the different Amlogic s905 soc based Odriod C2 listed and available.

Will Dietpi be thinking of giving the sweison Khadas Vim s905x box support, or are they to different in hardware?

Thank you inadvance for helpful replies.

The S905 and S905X appear to be nearly identical: http://www.cnx-software.com/2015/12/17/amlogic-s905m-and-s912-processors-to-support-4k-vp9-hdmi-2-0a-built-in-dac-and-more/ .
In theory, our Odroid C2 image might work with this board, albeit, lacking onboard WiFi support. Only way to find out would be to try it and let us know :slight_smile:.

I’ll add this board to my wish list. However, the ASUS tinker board is my 1st priority purchase.

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I registered to ask the same question as the OP. This boars seems to have potential for being cheap and as a bonus, already has a case.

I came from building my own OS and maintaining it but now I am hooked into the dietpi way of life, im not sure I can go back to vanilla ubuntu/debia/etc.

If dev wants to prioritise tinker then i might have to reconsider buying one in preparation for dietpi support.

I’ve been looking for a hack to ANY of the Amlogic S905 or Amlogic S905X Android boards, as they are cheaper than Odroid C2 and would rock with the right Linux distro on it.

If anyone has a way to write over droid OS, I’m sure Dietpi will sit on the board just fine. Though the wifi and BT might take some driver hacking.

HI, I have also a NanoPik2 and I´m really interested in this. Hope will be a version for s905. :sunglasses:

So I know i’m late but I checked if the Odroid C2 image work and yes it works ! :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to use the install script on both latest debian and armbian I had for the khadas VIM1 without sucess.

It’s going to replace a old pi zero 1 so it’s kind of a big upgrade for me ^^