Dietpi-ddns feedback

I just discovered the dietpi-ddns function and used it for my dyndns provider (not one on the list of supported, but it worked).

When you enter dietpi-ddns -h as stated in the docs on the page under CLI, you get an error message on the first line in red [FAILED] :

[FAILED] DietPi-DDNS | Invalid input (-h). Aborting...
Usage: dietpi-ddns [[<options>...] <command> [<provider>]]

I understand that this is not supposed to be a CLI function, but it would still be helpful to be able to list the currently configured provider.

Oh, and personally, I would much prefer that Dietpi checks the public IP address first and doesn’t send an update if it hasn’t changed.

Sending an update every 10 minutes can be considered as too frequent for certain DynDNS providers; and yes, I know I can change the frequency, but then when the IP does really change, you want it to be updated as fast as possible.


crontab for DDNS is executed es specific user dietpi-ddns. It can be checked as follow

crontab -u dietpi-ddns -l

the -h option did not exist on dietpi-ddns. Not sure if it was put to the docs just to force an error and display available commands :thinking:

Indeed, running the update every 10 minutes is not that optimal. I need to have a check with our developer.