Can't find dietpi-nordvpn software

Hi, I would like to install a vpn on my dietpi to use my nordVPN account but I can’t find the dietpi-nordvpn software.
I have only OpenVPN, PiVPN and WireGuard.

I’m using dietpi v7.9.3 on a raspberryPi 3. Is it possible to configure my nordVPN with another software ?

Thanks for the help

dietpi-nordvpn did not exist anymore and has been replaced by dietpi-vpn

Oh ok now I understand I had to install openVPN first. Now I can use the dietpi-nordvpn command.

Not fully correct. dietpi-nordvpn should not work anymore

root@DietPiProd:~# dietpi-nordvpn
[FAILED] DietPi-NordVPN has been renamed to DietPi-VPN. Please use the "dietpi-vpn" command.

Using dietpi-vpn will install OpenVPN automatically. There is no need to install OpenVPN before/separately.

Make sense, I’m using dietpi-vpn command.
Unfortunatly I have an error :

Everything seems correct :

There is a command listed on the first screen shot. Can you try to run this. What is the output.

I have this result with the command

I just fully restart my raspberry and now it’s working. If I’m using deluge, it’s automatically uses the vpn or no ?
Thanks for the help

you could activate to show your WAN IP within dietpi-banner. This should show you external IP provided by VPN provider, instead if your external IP assigned by your ISP.

Same could be done by running our DietPi command G_GET_WAN_IP