Cant access Transmission WEB UI


I’m running Dietpi v8.23.3 on a raspberry pi, and have a vpn configured and connected successfully via dietpi-vpn.

I can’t get access to the transmission web UI on port 9191 from another machine on the local network whether the VPN is connected to not.

Any suggestions are welcomed!


The port to transmission webUI is 9091.

I guess you enabled Killswitch within dietpi-vpn, right?

I saw that and tried it earlier, but it didn’t work, but tried it again now and that sorted it, so thanks.

But that’s not how it should work right? If the VPN is active & connected the kill switch shouldn’t kill the connection, or have I missed something?

It’s exactly like it should. We configure killswitch that way, that it will block whole access except SSH. But you could add exceptions if needed. We have a couple of similar requirements/solutions within the forum already.