Cannot see all files: ProFTPd

When I Connect to my pi (with FileZilla) over FTP I cannot se all the files, I can only see 5 empty folders. I am not actually even sure it is in the root directory (even though that is what is set in the config).

Maybe you like to share some more information on your system

which version you are running?
how does your config file looks like?
which folder do you see?
which user you are using to login?

I am using v.1.7.2
default config
I see (downloads, motioneye, Music, video, and pictures)
i am using “dietpi” to log in (i do not see all the files when logging in as root either)

pls have a look to DietPi online docs

By default FTP home directory is /mnt/dietpi_userdata/ and you would need to adjust this if you like to see folder on root level

Thank you! It works now!