Booting from USB for native PC without SSD/HDD install

I googled a while but all I could see was USB /SD card install for RPi, and the install doc has no mention for how to create a USB boot for a native x86-64 PC without having to install DietPi on SSD/HDD:

So how to do USB boot for PC? Or do I need to install on an internal /external SSD/HDD ?

The install instructions default to the Raspberry Pi. Scroll to the right for Native PC.

And then you’ll see this:



Thanks ! I did scroll to the native PC but somehow missed this particular instruction.

Just put a USB drive you want to install the OS to…then boot another USB bootable drive with DietPi installer…install to the “static USB” the OS will be on…shutdown, remove the USB bootable drive, set the BIOS to boot from the “static USB”

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Ok cool. :ghost:
That is the default alternative.

or in case of the Bios direct write image, you should be able to write it directly from Windows box to the usb drive.

Hmmm…no Rufus needed ?
Just copy the image on the USB from Windows PC download?

Probably we have misunderstood each other. If you have a bios system, download the Direct Write Image and flash it directly onto a USB stick with Rufus. After that you should be able to boot from it.