Another trial image of unofficial DietPi - Radxa Zero 3W

Hello all!

After the trial image last time which suffered from wifi problem, I would like to share the new dietpi image based on Radxa official image with support both types of wifi chip available on this board.

This image was not a clean one, but I think it would be good for testing.

Please note that the wifi do not hook up at once on a cold boot.
Instead, you have to get to the board with debug port and soft reboot it.
After the reboot the connection would be normal

I don’t know what is causing this problem, if you found the cause, please tell me :sweat_smile:

Neofetch, mc and btop were preinstalled, so let’s have fun :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have a link to the base image?

And did you use the dietpi-installer script to create this image?

I’m considering a Radxa Zero 3E and I’m trying to understand how complex the procedure is.

Hello cascandaliato!

I use the official image from Radxa B6, and then create this image with dietpi-installer script.
It is not really complex, just make sure you have good cooling for the board and have stable connection.
I usually use usb ethernet adaptor with fixed IP address to prevent funny error happened.

oh by the way, from my understanding, this image should work for both radxa zero3W and 3E since they are actually sharing the same official image from radxa.

You may let me know after trying it :slight_smile: