AmiBerry / Amiga Kickstarts Issue

Hey Guys,

new to DietPi but google search results are not helping me.

Unsure if I should post here or at the Amiberry forums? (If they exist)

So, fresh install, FTP activated, transfer kickstart roms to userdata/amiberry/kickstarts WITH rom.key from my Amiga Forever install that I’ve run once and run something on Windows. (I’ve also tried the roms I downloaded through Google Play as I bought Amiga Essentials on Android)

From the ‘Rom’ sections in the DietPi Amiberry, it never lists the roms, I’ve rescanned.

I’ve read somewhere you need to rename the files, yet the same post stated Amiberry will just detect provided the rom.key is in the same folder (which it is)

Can anybody help me with this dilemma, I followed a YouTube on this, the persons worked, mine doesn’t. I’m wondering if there was a step that wasn’t on the video?

Love to get this running, so I can have my pi400 as my Amiga on my desk. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.


this sounds quite application specific. Not sure if we have this knowledge on our board. Not sure if you already did but you can have a look to our online docs for some instructions how to create a configuration.

Will do.

Thanks for giving me some direction on where to start/look.