What are the advantages of using this os over something like raspbian lite/stretch?


To extend the info from the website a bid:

  • DietPi fresh install is way smaller/lighter then Raspbian Lite, about three times less image size, very cleaned up APT package list/installs (compare by running: apt-mark showmanual).
  • Certain kernel modules and background processes are disabled by default to reduce RAM usage.
  • But via dietpi-config and dietpi-software you can easily have required software and features enabled and configured on demand.
  • So basically start very bulk and extend on demand very flexible.

And there are many software titles not natively available via Raspbian/Debian repositories and/or you need heavy manual configuration to enable their full potential. DietPi-Software automates install and configuration for many of those software titles, e.g.:

  • Install required dependencies
  • Download and place software archive/binary
  • If required do the source build process and/or DPKG install
  • Create systemd unit to enable software autostart, if applicable
  • Pre-configure software for common usage, in cases optimize config based on CPU core count, available RAM and SBC model in general

So DietPi-Software basically provides a meta repository which collects from different sources and prevents you from doing all the manual research, install and config steps.