Added support for more LCD panels in v.123


Until now, DietPi only support Odroid-XU4 plus CloudShell as build-in display for DietPi-Cloudshell


But not everyone traced DietPi development on GitHub:

New in DietPi v.123 is support for following LCD panel:

  • Wave Share SpotPear 3.2inch RPi LCD V4
  • Hardkernel 3.2inch TFT+Touchscreen Shield
  • SpotPear Raspberry Pi 3.2inch LCD

Supported devices:

  • Hardkernel: Odroid-C1 / Odroid-C1+ / Odroid-C0
  • Raspberry Pi Model: RPi-Zero / RPi-A / RPi-A+ / RPi-B / RPi-B+ / RPi-2 B / RPi-3 B

Don’t have DietPi yet? Download it here: DietPi - Lightweight justice for your SBC!
Login details and optional getting started guide:
DietPi-Cloudshell can be installed by running dietpi-software and selecting it for installation under DietPi Optimized software list

Installation for LCD panel via dietpi-config:

  • Run dietpi-update to get the last version and reboot your device.
  • Run dietpi-config. Select Display Options, then LCD Panel Addon.
  • Select waveshare32
  • Exit dietpi-config and say yes to the reboot

Here are some pictures, running DietPi-Cloudshell on Hardkernel Odroid-C1+,RPi B+ and RPi 3:

But it is as well possible, to run the “Classic Pi-Hole Real-time Monitor” on this displays:

root@RPi-PiHole-LCD:~# clear > /dev/tty1
root@RPi-PiHole-LCD:~# > /dev/tty1

Fourdee also tested X11 working on RPi fbdev with touchscreen (stylus) support:

You don’t own a supported Display at the moment? Your device is currently not supported?
No problem, you can use Dietpi-Cloudshell with a cheap/old android phone or tablet via USB connection as well:
=>> DietPi-Cloudshell | Alternative Display

Have fun with your displays and DietPi.


Great feature thanks.

Thanks K-Plan, great post :slight_smile: I’ll send a few tweets and forum posts to link this.

Phone camera job, did this last week and forgot about it lol :slight_smile: