ZuluCrypt and VeraCrypt volumes

Hi all,

I’m taking my first shots at DietPi and very happy at how smooth things are going so far.
It really shows how much thought you are putting into making a distro that is easily manageable. Hats off for that!

Now, onto my issue…

it seems Veracrypt (the console pkg) is not available in the repos, but there is zuluCrypt.

However, I haven’t been able to mount any VC volume. When I issue the command zulucrypt starts peggin one of the cores at 100% and stays so forever, or more precisely untill I kill it, several minutes after launch.
(I don’t want to leave it unattended too long and make the CPU run hot for so long.)

I have left it run for several minutes but I don’t think it should be taking this long. One of the test volumes is a 1 GB container actually created with truecrypt (versiion 6.x or higher).

The board is an Odroid C2, wich I just learnt does not have hardware AES acceleration, but I still feel there might be an issue in zulucrypt at mounting veracrypt volumes.

So, could anyone confirm being able to open TC/VC volumes with zulucrypt?

To be honest, I ’ d rather have the proper veracrypt console package available, but i can live with zulu if it is working and reliable.

Thanks in advance.


DietPi is based on Debain and is using official apt package sources. By default DietPi did not contain additional software. If you like to have Veracrypt, it would need to be installed manually. Just download the required install file from Veracrypt download page and have it installed :slight_smile:

I didn’t test it further but it seems to be working.

hi, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

My understanding is that I need an “arm64” package and not an “armhf”, don’t I ?


you mean the amd64 package?


no, I mean an ARM “aarch64” / “arm64” package for the Odroid C2 processor.


hmm doesn’t seems to be offered on download page. Maybe you can try generic installer