Z-Wave JS Server or ZwaveJS2Mqtt

This year Home Assistant depreciated the old Zwave integration so now you have to either be running the HASS.io image or the Supervisor version. If you have a manual install of Home Assistant or use the version that’s available in the dietPi package manager then you need to have a separate server running. Any chance one of these could be included in the available packages?

Z-Wave JS Server: https://github.com/zwave-js/zwave-js-server
ZwaveJS2Mqtt: https://zwave-js.github.io/zwavejs2mqtt/#/


maybe you can have a look into a Docker installation. This seems to be the fastest and easiest way https://zwave-js.github.io/zwavejs2mqtt/#/getting-started/quick-start?id=docker

On Raspberry OS/Debian, installation seems a little bit hacky https://github.com/zwave-js/zwavejs2mqtt/discussions/1216#discussioncomment-759534