Yunohost broke my network

Yesterday I install YunoHost on new Raspberrypi 4 and add new domain on duckdns for that. After installation I noticed that all my applications that I have installed on my MiniPC-dietpi (with nginx proxy manager) don’t work on home wifi [Emby, Radarr, Sonarr, HomeAssistant etc.].
For example when I try to start Emby android app on Wifi from I have network error. I must use mobile internet. On wifi I must use http://192.168.0… adressess.
I restore dietpi-backup on my miniPC and completly turn off raspberrypi but that don’t help. Anyone can tell me what is happening?

Isn’t YunoHost simply using the same network ports, so that HTTP/HTTPS requests are now pointing to it instead of to your proxy manager? Probably it used UPnP to adjust the port forwarding in your router on install.

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Thanks for answer. I change DynamicDNS in my router from TP-Link to no-ip and now everything works OK.