Xu4 cloudshell2 kiosk + lcd

hi there

I’m having problems setting up my xu4 cloudshell 2.

I want to be able to have the lcd showing some stats/info and chromium kiosk or any desktop with a browser (its to run a script bash + javascript in debugger console from browser), however in my tests I can not use both screens at the same time.

When I install any desktop option from dietpi I dont have this file /etc/X11/xorg.conf used to setup dual head, and if i create and put this code ‘Dual Head HDMI + LCD’ from here en:xu4_cloudshell_lcd_xorg [ODROID Wiki], after reboot, the gui dont start.

If i go to /boot/boot.ini and remove the # from setenv cs2enable, the lcd light will always stay on… i simply can not move from this point.
I was looking for a light system and pick dietpi, i not sure if with ubuntu server is a bit to much for xu4…

there is anyway to put both lcd and hdmi working together at the same time ?
already search the forum and google it but nothing helped…
thank you