Wyze Webcam Rock64 Octoprint

Hi folks! New to dietpi so bear with me. Was using a raspberry pi3b+ with octopi for my 3d printers. Since pi’s are in short supply and I need to recover them to use for something else I decided to replace them with Rock64’s and dietpi with octoprint. Everything went well with the switchover except the webcam to monitor my printing through octoprint. I had been using a wyze cam v2 running the webcam firmware and it worked flawlessly with the pi3b+ and octopi. Dietpi on the Rock64 won’t even acknowledge that it is connected. When I run lsusb it does not see anything for the webcam. I have tried a different webcam and it does come up when I run lsusb and I have been able to get it to work with mjpg-streamer no problem. So I guess I am asking any ideas what would be causing that wyze webcam to not show up? Would it be a driver issue of some kind? I know the simple answer is to use a different webcam but I have mounts made for the wyze already attached and setup on the 3d printers already so I would really like to use them.

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