www-data password?


I’m trying to run a command as the www-data user, but I’m having issues finding the corresponding password for this user account.
It isn’t the root password I set, nor the default ‘dietpi’ password. I also tried leaving it blank, that didn’t work either.
Could someone please tell me where I can find the default www-data password?

Kind regards.


www-data has no password in DietPi. Its a limited account that doesn’t allow for login as that user.

To launch a program as www-data, try:

sudo -u www-data /this/is/my/program.sh

Since my Wordpress folder appears on the www-data user, I cannot send files via ftp connection with the root or dietpi user. “permission denied” what can I do?

You answer to a 7 years old post, better to open a new one. In general user root should be able to write into every folder.