Wordpress without mod_rewrite?

Hello all,
I’m just setting up my new homepage with wordpress.
But now the problem came up:
with permalinks you could only enter the variant " simple" with p=sample or “costum” with index.php/sample. Otherwise I only got an empty page.
What I wanted was homepage/sample ?

Read through and tried with htaccess or reinstalling unfortunately did not work. Too bad - here I wanted to make it easy for myself and set it completely to dietpi.

Do you have a simple solution, or perhaps an improvement at the next opportunity?

Why don’t use the custom link structure with `mod_rewrite" enabled?

Sorry - I didn’t quite understand that…

I wanted to get a link structure in which the website page/headline is located - without “index.php”.
Apparently this only works with the active “mod_rewrite” module.

If this does not work, I assume that the module is not activated at all?

rewrite feature depends on you web server used and might need to be activated seperatly.

Hello Joulinar,

do you mean in the terminal type “a2enmod rewrite” and edit the “/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default” ?

If you are running Apache, this could be a way.

i wonder that the module is not automatically set to on at wordpress ?!
is it a security problem or why is not activated ?
maybe a feature for an upcoming version?
is a pity otherwise, if wordpress is only limited to install.

This depends on personal needs I would say. Someone need this module, some not. Therefore it is not enabled be default.

alles klar. vielen Dank für deine schnelle Antwort