Wordpress On Raspberry Pi Zero W

Hello, I have installed wordpress on my raspberry pi zero w. I cant get it to load the setup page @
on my pc. Does the pi have to be connected to my router? If not I’m not too sure what I’m missing.

Anybody have any idea what I need to do to get this going? I don’t need it to be accessible to everyone. Just need to be able to finish the setup and login and view myself.

Of course the Pi needs to be attached to the router to be reachable from the local network, or how would you achieve that instead? I am just thinking about PC being attached directly via Ethernet crossover cable, and then having Pi and PC using the same static IP on this interface should also work, but loooong time ago that I used such a peer-to-peer Ethernet connection.

But since you installed something (internet connection up), the Pi seems to be connected to the router anyway?
Note that is only the placeholder for the actual local IP you Pi got.

Ok I got the page to come up using the pi’s ip instead of the one listed on here. Now my problem is Error establishing a database connection on the page that ask for the database and login information.

When Wordpress is installed from dietpi-software does it install everything needed for the database? I installed phpmyadmin but I’m still getting the error.

Sorry for missing reply. Is this still an issue? The database is created on install, hence giving database credentials as user “wordpress” database “wordpress” password “your_global_software_password” (e.g. “dietpi” by default, respectively the one you set in dietpi.txt before first boot or set on first login when asked)