WoL Support

Hello All!

I have been running DietPi on my old Inspiron 3650 (i5 6th Gen), it’s been flawless so far. I looked into WoL support and the system should support it natively. I have installed the required tools and packages (etherwake, wakeonlan) for WoL but I am not sure how to use it.

What state should the device be when I send a WoL packet? How do I put it in that state?

Kindly advise,
Thank You!

WoL must be enabled in the bios of the system you want to wake up.
The tools and packages must be installed on the other system which will send the wake up packet to the system you want to wake up.
The system which you want to wake up must be in a state that allows to receive wake up packets, usually sleep/hibernate but it can also be in a proper shutdown state.

Yep, I understand that, but what about a system running DietPi?

I referred to some forum posts here and ran a few commands which verified/enabled WoL support but even if I send a Magic Packet to the device, it refuses to wake up.

More like there seems to be no standby mode , it’s either fully powered or fully shutdown. Any way to achieve something in between?

not sure if this helps but it might be a starting point https://wiki.debian.org/WakeOnLan

On my desktop and laptop I use pm-suspend from command line.

Thank you, so far I seem to have a similar setup but now I just need to get the process to put the system in the right state configured!

hmm, just tried this one. pm-utils was not installed by default on DietPi, but using pm-suspend seems to fully shut down the system :frowning:

pm-utils > was not installed by default on DietPi

As exspected. DietPi is an extrem minimal system, not containing such packages by design. They would need to be installed in addition, like all other software title.