Wireguard, Zerotier or Tailscale

In upcoming dietpi Zerotier, Tailscale are coming as new software. Any advice or recommendation for normal user to use Wireguard, Zerotier or Tailscale.

Also why not using Tailscale opensource alternate

please any expert advice me, for choosing available option in dietpi software list and what are the pro or cons of them.

Thanks for the hint about headscale. Probably you want to make a software request on GitHub or out of it?

WireGuard is a classic non-cloud VPN server, so the server needs a static IP or domain so that clients can connect but you are then independant and can configure it to access your LAN remotely or browse the internet through the server’s NAT. And it is (by far) the fastest of all three options according to a benchmark I recently saw.

ZeroTier is the other extreme: Simple to setup, no need for a static IP/domain, but you rely on the ZeroTier infrastructure/network and cannot easily configure it to access other LAN hosts or browse the internet through the other peer.

Tailscale is somewhat in the middle, but I’m not 100% sure about all aspects.

So in the end the question is what you want to achieve: All options have their strength and their limitations.

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WireGuard is fantastic if you are willing to build and manage the configurations by hand. This is fine if you have a static setup. i.e. you don’t travel. But if you are mobile, constantly trying to keep everything connected can be a problem.

Another option is The 2hO Network. It is a management wrapper around WireGuard that handles the configuration automatically. It manages your WireGuard config and constantly updates it as your locations change. e.g. it figures out the IP addresses, port numbers, NAT hole punching, DNS, etc. and adjusts your config dynamically.

See https://2ho.ca

Something I can’t agree with. I was traveling around a lot and was able to connect from the other side of the globe back to my home without changing any configuration. It’s just a one time effort to setup clients and devices. Nothing changed on my configuration files since years even that I changed the server device more than once.

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