Wireguard update 8.9

Hello, a few days ago I updated dietpi to version 8.9 and since I updated wireguard and pivpn they stopped working after several months without problems. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and configured everything but I don’t know how to fix it.

Hello pacorg1975 and welcome to the Dietpi forum.
Can you be a bit more specific what exactly happens (or not happens)?
The VPN doesn’t connect at all? (You can check if the handshake happened in the logs of the VPN client.) Or do you don’t reach the internet anymore, but LAN is working?

Let’s check first the status of the service:
sudo systemctl status wg-quick@wg0.service

This is what I receive when executing the command, In wireguard I have a tx connection but not a rx connection and this happened since this week I updated to v.9 before wireguard always worked well with the same configuration

First, there is no need to do screen prints. You should be able to copy everything directly from SSH terminal.

Back to your issue: Wireguard server is working well. Can you share output of wg command. Pls remove keys from the output.