Wireguard installation

Hi guys! So i´m a newbie to this forum and to the DietPi aswell. Lately i tried to install Wireguard but i doesn´t work for me :cry: :cry: :cry: , so i´m now a little bit frustrated and i hope to get help here. So i wanna share my configurations here and wanna go step by step here.
First of all is have a Fritz Box Router with the IP XXX.XXX.XXX.1 and on this i have my Pi with DietPi installed, this Pi has the static IP XXX.XXX.XXX.45 and as software i have the PiHole running. I also have a dyn.dns Service running like this address XXX.ddns.net, at the install routine i took the server installation and as public IP i put in the dyn.dns Address and Port 51820. In the Router i have under the Pi IP Address open the Port 51820 for UDP. When i´m installing Wireguard all seems good so far, so if i open the wg0.conf it looks like this
Wireguard 1.png
. Private Key and Public Key are set is this config good so far?


many thanks for your request. Pls can you share a little bit more on your issue and eactly your problem is? I have exactly the same setup as you and for m it’s working flawless.

Hi Joulinar!! Thanks for replying! So yeah the problem is, that i can´t get a connection to the internet, i went through the process many times now, but nothing worked so far. So something has to be wrong, but i don´t know what excatly, this is the reason why i would go throu it step by step

Not sure but there might be a misunderstanding. You setup a server, means your DietPi device is waiting on a connection from the internet. Usually a mobile device like your cell phone is using the WireGuard client app to connect back home. This would allow you to access your local devices while you are away. The WireGuard server as is, will not connect to the internet.

Maybe you can describe what you like to achieve with your WireGuard installation.

Oh okay! That seems indeed a misunderstanding on my side.
Thanks for that Joulinar!