Wireguard and Xbox streaming

I’m able to connect to the wireguard VPN server, able to pass data/browse. The one issue I am having is streaming my Xbox. My main reason for using wireguard over OpenVPN/pivpn, was speed. With pivpn I was getting around 4-6Mbps, wireguard is 8-9Mbps (via speed test.net app)

I can start a stream from the Xbox, but shortly after starting the stream, it’ll hang - audio still plays, but video will stall and eventually kick back in. I’m using an iPad as the wireguard client and using one connect as the Xbox streaming client. I know that one connect does not officially support this, but with pivpn (like 4 days ago) I was able to stream, though I’d have similar issues, just much more infrequently compared to now.

After installing/using wireguard, I noticed that the MTU for wg0 is set to 1420. I bring this up because with pivpn, after increasing MTU stability improved, but again my cap seemed to be upload speed. Changing MTU to 9000 on the wg0 interface helps, but still not as good as I think it can be.

Is there a way to change the MTU size for wireguard permanently? And is there something else I should consider to help?

My Pi3 is connected via Ethernet, running pretty bare bones install of dietpi.

Could you try to remove the ::1 from allowed IPs (tunnelled IPs) in the clients config? We got some reports that this causes currently issues, also since the server does not handle IPv6 redirects correctly. We did some fixes/improvements for v6.23 but handling IPv6 turns out to be a bid nasty with unexpected difficulties.

About the MTU, I think the best solution is to add it (the related ip or ifconfig command) as PostUp entry to the server config (wg0.conf). You can add multiple PostUp = … lines, so no need to take care existing ones.

I have no experience with streaming through WireGuard, but I will be happy to add your experience/solution/enhancement to our documentation, for users that want to steam as well.

I had the same question I wanted to ask. I am also using an iPad 6th generation as the WireGuard and using one connect as PlayStation 4 and I also want to start streaming from my PS4. Thanks Omicron6 for the solution.


I guess you like to access your PS4 via internet using WireGuard? right? There are a couple of tools on the web that can help to calculate the best MTU value along the path between Client > Internet > PS4. Usually 1420 is a good value. keep in mind that every network device between client and target could influence the MTU.

for windows clients I could recommend MTUPath to test max MTU


I wanted to ask. I am also using an iPad 5th generation as the WireGuard and using one connect as PS4 and I also want to start streaming netflix from my PS4. Thanks Omicron6 for the solution.

Well people in this post where looking into possibility to acces their device from external and not to connect to a public VPN provider