Wikipedia anyone?

I’ve added DP to the Raspberry PI page - I can’t believe it wasn’t there! Someone really needs to create a page for this distro as I believe it’s notable enough just based on its coverage of server software. I’m willing to be there’s a lot more people actually using DP than (say) Plan 9 or Inferno!

Hi Marc,

Thanks for doing that.
There is so many sites (social media, wiki, forums, blogs) out there, its a full time job to try and keep on top of them all. So any assistance with this is appreciated.

Any chance you can share the link to the RPi page you added?

Other operating systems

  • Xbian> [107] – using the Kodi (formerly XBMC) open source digital media center
  • openSUSE> [108]
  • Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix> [109]
  • Gentoo Linux> [110]
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Diet Pi > Highly optimised general purpose desktop and server OS. Includes a diverse range of servers for media, VPN, Minecraft and many others[111]
  • CentOS > for Raspberry Pi 2 and later

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  1. ^ > [ “Raspberry Pi - Diet Pi”] Check |url= value (help). Retrieved 7 June 2016.

Thanks K-plan. I did this one a while back (another wiki site):