Wifi signal strength, is there a way to show it

Many GUI’s have some means to show the wifi signal strength… Volumio is a very nice one, and even breaks it down to AP if you have multiple AP’s with the same SSID…nice

But dietpi I think would be great to have some means to display in text at least some signal strength indication so as one can determine is it is adequate for its location or if perhaps might be best serviced with a wired LAN connection, or maybe even a USB solution where it’s based on the built in Solutions like RPi 3 has on board.

If there is a away please enlighten me…

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if you want to know the signal strengths of the APs you are attached to for all your wireless devices use


For all the APs in your area

iwlist wlan0 scan

Gordon Williams

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Yep, +1 for iwconfig

Wireless stats (scraped from iwconfig) are also available in dietpi-config > Networking: Adapaters > WiFi

Worked a treat…thanks guys