Wifi password no longer working?

So I find myself in a odd situatuon. I have a pi4 running dietpi that I set up with wifi. It has a lot hat on it with google fi to talk to the internet.

I am on an island off the coast of Maine with cell reception. My wifi password for the pi no longer is excepted.

I put the sd card in my phone and see rhe dietpi files but do not see dietp-wifi.txt as mentioned here:

[Solved] Pre-configured wifi settings no longer working? - #3 by MichaIng?

If I can still see my wifi network why does the file not exist? If I create the file will with same ssid and new password will it work?

Thanks in andvance for any insite.

The file is used on initial first boot process to setup the device and it will be deleted afterwards. The file has no meaning on standard operating.

Ok…good to know…I am back in anyway.

Love learning new things. Thanks.