Wifi not taking over

I’ve set up the wifi connection on my DietPi and want this to be the only connection it has to the Net. I’m runninb it headless and viewing via VNC Viewer. However, when I disconnect the Ethernet cable from my router the connection via VNC goes.

Is this expected, or am I missing something? I’m loathe the turn off the Ethernet adaptor via Config/VNC as I won’t be able to access it at all to switch it back on again!

Many thanks

usually, WiFi adapter will have a different IP address compared to Ethernet. Means you will lose connection on Ethernet and would need to reconnect via WiFi. You can configure WiFi via Ethernet and once Wifi is working, disconnect Ethernet.

Gotcha. I’ve noted down the IP address of the wifi adaptor and entered this into VNC viewer, but I get a nessage sayaibg “The connection was refused by the computer”

OK, realised my error, but I think I’ve forgotten my root password. How do I change or find this? Sorry, I know this is such a noob question

All sorted - passwd root sorted it