Wifi Hotspot

First I want to say what a fantastic job you’ve done with dietpi. A lot of features for a small footprint.
I have in the past setup PI3 as Wifi Hotspots. There are numerous post on setting them up. So you can see it was a bit confusing. One even had me install some ‘bridge’ software.
I installed your version and it works out of the box. Very impressed. I can change the SSID and password and channel. Are there plans for future changes of the static ip , ip range it gives out, lease time etc?

If not, can I change these myself without having to worry an update will overwrite them? And are they in the typical /ETC/ and other files usually mentioned in past Hotspot setups?

Thanks for the great job. I plan to use this setup on many Pi’s especially the Rpi Webcam on my Pi Zero W projects as the standard debian installation is so slow and the videos choppy at times.

Looks like a walkthru for making a capitve portal wifi hotspot

Should work for all “debian/ubuntu” type os’s


Hey, thanks for the info. This is very useful and I have not seen it before. I will definitely use it.

My concern is I want to be able to change some of the settings for the dietpi installation of Wi-Fi Hotspot
and want to make sure they won’t be overridden if I do (when an update/upgrade to the software is made).
Or have some changes to the dietpi menu setup so I can change those lines without going into the files and edit them.

But as I said, I appreciate this info. A very useful project. I definitely will be using it.