WiFi hotspot slow


I use already for some time a raspberry pi 3 as a VPN router using dietpi with WiFi hotspot installed. All fine since some time ago, when the clients connected to the WiFi got disconnected and only a reboot could help. I also experienced that when a second device started to use the wifi, all devices got disconnected.

Because I did not find the problem, I have installed dietpi again on the raspberry pi 3, but I couldn’t get the Wifi hotspot to work. It shows enabled, but I couldn’t find the SSID on my phone.

Next step was to try a Odroid C2 with a USB Wifi Dongle (TP Link WN722N). Here the WiFi hotspot works, but only with slow speeds. I installed speedtest-cli and I get 26 Mb download on the Odroid, but while using the WiFi hotspot with the speedtest app, I get only 3 Mb download.

My best guess is that with one of the last updates of dietpi something changed in the settings for the WiFi Hotspot, but my knowledge on linux is limited, so I dont know where to start looking. I would expect that the WiFi hotspot would have similar speed as the odroid c2.

Big thanks for any help.